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Donald Trump Goes to Washington on Inauguration Eve, and Gets to Be Neighbors With the Obamas for a Night

Donald Trump, who’s been known to buck a convention or two, is following through with presidential tradition on Inauguration Eve and staying at the Blair House, the guest residence across from the White House. There was some speculation earlier in the transition that Trump might spend his last night as president-elect in the (dishonest-media-free) five-star Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. His transition team denied that, and it looks as if Trump is following through and planning to spend the night basically across the street from the Obamas.

The Blair House, which often hosts visiting dignitaries, might not have “garish” décor or “garbage food,” but it should suffice:

Trump will need them. On Friday morning, the president-elect will get his first official briefing on how to order a nuclear attack, reports Politico, which has, in the past, been delivered to the soon-to-be-president at the Blair House before the inauguration festivities.

Trump, however, will get at least one last meal as a regular person at the Trump International Hotel in D.C.; he’s hosting a lunch there for transition officials on Thursday. He also stopped by there Wednesday night, though he returned to his bed in New York’s Trump Tower before heading to D.C. again Thursday morning.

Trump, future First Lady Melania, and the rest of the family landed at Andrews Air Force Base shortly after noon Thursday. No more Trump private jet; he rode in on a military plane. It has seriously begun.

Donald Trump Will Spend Inauguration Eve at the Blair House