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Viral Pint-Size Inauguration Fire-Starter Was Actually Drew Carey’s 11-Year-Old Son

During last week’s inauguration protests, a young, anonymous redhead rose to viral fame after starting a small fire. “I actually kinda started this fire,” the then-unknown kid — all we knew was his name was Connor — told Fox News. “Because I felt like it, and I’m just saying … screw our president!”

But Connor’s viral stardom may have been less accidental than genetically preordained. Turns out Connor is none other than Drew Carey’s 11-year-old son, TMZ reports. Carey and Connor’s mother, Nicole Jaracz, were reportedly quite upset with Connor’s interview. A source also told TMZ the boy “regretted his choice of words” after speaking with his parents. (The old are you actually sorry or are you just sorry you got caught question comes to mind here.)

Pint-Size Inauguration Fire-Starter Was Drew Carey’s Son