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Hot Topic Customer Talking About Dragons Is Like Meeting Tumblr IRL

“I am the sovereign of power.”

Earlier this week, Hot Topic employee and Twitter user @pamyuprince shared two video clips filmed from his post at the cash register. In them, an anonymous customer explains — for several excruciating minutes — about how his scales are turning gold, that he will not be demanding @pamyuprince’s soul for payment, and about dragons … which are “meant to be damned.” The video is steadily moving to the top of Reddit’s front page because, well, you just have to watch it.

Shout-out to redditor /u/azuyin for transcribing the video (full text here), which is slightly muffled given the cashier was secretly filming the customer. (The ethics on that seem a little suspect.)

Customer: You must give your soul to me.
Cashier: Oh my god!
Customer: I am the Sovereign of Power and I’m going to become what my father was before my birth: “Eternal Guardian Dragon of Time.”
Cashier: Oh wow!
Customer: My father gave up much of his power when I was born. Because she … (pause) h-he-his mate was Hecate, mother of angels. I was the only true born.

In a second video, the customer continues with his thoughts on “the old ways.” As in, “the original old ways that of creation itself, the pure energy. Everything from you to this computer. Everything is a solidified energy of creation.” To which the cashier replied, “Oh my goodness.” And truly, oh my goodness.

Update: The tweets containing the videos have since been deleted but the future Eternal Guardian Dragon of Time will live on in our memory forever.

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