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Man Makes Good on Reddit Promise to Give Cat Several Thousand Stern Looks

Gus Johnson. Photo: ItMeIRL/Twitter

On Tuesday, a redditor by the name of Gus Johnson posted a photo of himself holding a sign to the /r/me_irl subreddit. The sign promised that for every upvote the post received, Johnson would give his cat a “stern look” and upload a video to YouTube. After some debate on whether Johnson’s post was in violation of the rules of /r/me_irl — technically photos of yourself a.k.a. you literally IRL are not allowed on the sub — Johnson found himself with 11,453 upvotes.

True to his sign’s promise, “this is not a bamboozle,” Johnson filmed and shared the video. It lasts for 49 minutes and involves him chasing his cat, Wendy (“we named her after the prostitute on Breaking Bad”), around the house while giving her many, many stern looks. A counter on the bottom of the video ticks upward with each glance.

Ah, art.

Man Makes Good on Reddit Promise to Give Cat Stern Looks