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This New York Apartment Has a Lovely Mandy Moore Mosaic in the Shower

The alleged tile rendering of Ms. Moore.

Imagine buying yourself an apartment, hopping into the shower for the first time, and turning around to discover a mosaic of a bikini-clad Mandy Moore in sepia-toned tiles staring back at your naked body. Because, uh, well, that allegedly happened to a friend of a friend of Twitter user @walkerkaplan. (Kaplan confirmed to Select All the photo is legit as far as he knows.)

If you had anything to do with this mosaic — you’re the previous apartment owner, the artist, the person who grouted the tiles, Mandy Moore herself — please PLEASE get in touch with me. I have many questions about this possibly gross, potentially reverent, and incredibly lifelike piece of art and you are my only hope of answering them.

This NYC Apartment Has a Lovely Mosaic of Mandy Moore