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Aquarium Throws Expert Political Shade With Jellyfish Livestream

Jellyfish are spineless creatures.

This has been quite the month for the invertebrate community. Last week, somebody edited the Wikipedia page for the spineless creatures to include a picture of Paul Ryan among the worms and jellyfish also listed. And today, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California is livestreaming a feed of its jellyfish on Facebook. “The world is filled with heartless, brainless, and spineless animals — and jellies are some of the best,” MBA explained in the video’s caption. Which … well, we’ll let you interpret what (or who) they’re getting at for yourself.

The stream has been live for more than two hours and frankly it’s possibly the most calming thing on the internet today. Take a few minutes to watch and let the slow undulations of the translucent jellies soothe your restless mind, while they also simultaneously shade the current administration.

Aquarium Throws Expert Shade With Jellyfish Livestream