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What If Every Movie Were Actually Jersey Shore?

Grease (1978). Photo: MTV

Imagine if every movie were actually Jersey Shore. What a paradise! What a cornucopia of cinematic drama! Thanks to the magic of the internet, we don’t have to imagine: In the final days of 2016, a meme featuring screencaps from the seminal classic reality show, captioned with the titles of classic movies, began popping up on Twitter.

New year … new meme. Or, old meme — one poking fun at self-serious Tumblr and Twitter accounts featuring “one perfect shot” from classic movies — finally breaking into mainstream usage after floating around certain corners of Tumblr for a while.

According to Reddit’s /r/memeeconomy (a subreddit devoted to calling which memes are on the rise and which are on their way out), these Jersey Shore IRL memes are “skyrocketing.” Now is the time to buy. Or tweet, if you will.

If you still need some inspiration, this thread is a very good place to start. Otherwise head over to Google Images, summon up all that stored Jersey Store knowledge you’ve been harboring since 2012, and get to memeing.

What If Every Movie Were Actually Jersey Shore?