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Say Good-bye to White House Photographer Pete Souza Saying Good-bye to Barack Obama Saying Good-bye to the White House

Photo: petesouza/Instagram

Michelle and Barack Obama moved out of the White House today. With them went White House photographer Pete Souza, the man whose camera has brought you such excellent moments, over the past two presidential terms, as the small child touching Obama’s head in the Oval Office, Obama getting chased by a small child in the Oval Office, and, well, just about any other good picture of the Obama administration over the past eight years.

Today, Souza archived his old Instagram account and started fresh. (He’ll no longer be photographing for the White House, and his bio reads “TBD. Former Chief Official White House Photographer for President Obama.”) Before completing his duties, Souza posted four last photographs of President Obama’s final moments in the White House. The final shot — a picture of Obama looking down on the White House from the air aboard Executive One and captioned with a single word, “Farewell” — is particularly touching.

Thanks, Obama.

White House Photogrgapher Pete Souza Shares Final Obama Shot