Right-Wing Website Dangles Possibility that Hillary Clinton Might Run for Mayor of New York City

Herzzoner? Photo: Melina Mara/The Washington Post/Getty Images

After decades of despising Hillary Clinton, a certain obsessive segment of Americans find themselves in an unfamiliar position in 2017— the pantsuited boogeywoman who fed their fears for decades is nowhere to be found. (Unless you look in the woods.)

So how will they respond? By hoping Clinton runs for mayor of New York City, if this report from NewsMax is any indication. The right-wing website says Democratic donors and party leaders are unhappy with Mayor de Blasio and want Clinton to challenge him in this year’s primary. Her response? “She’s talking about it,” a source tells NewsMax’s John Gizzi. A veteran Democratic operative offers that she “would be a terrific candidate for mayor.”

That’s the stuff.

What a wonderful excuse it would be to keep running all those unflattering pictures of their favorite foil.

Right-Wing Site Reports Hillary Might Run for NYC Mayor