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Excellent Twitter Burn Gets School Staffer Fired

At the beginning of January, a student named Nathan from the Frederick County public-school system in Maryland tweeted at the school’s account asking for classes to be cancelled the next day. Actually, what Nathan asked was for the school to be closed “tammarow PLEASE.” To which Katie Nash, the woman charged with running the Twitter account, replied, “but then how would you learn to spell ‘tomorrow’? :)”

It was a gentle burn and one Nash felt was appropriate for her role as Web Experience Coordinator. (The kids wound up having school, but with a two-hour start delay.) “We had received feedback from some students in a focus group that our tweeting was a bit flat, they were looking for some more engagement,” Nash told WHAG. “They were looking for us to tweet back at them and I really took that to heart.” Except the school system had a different idea about what constituted “more engagement.” Nash was asked to delete the tweet and fired the next week, despite the fact that Nathan really didn’t seem much worse for wear.

Better luck “tammarow.”

Excellent Twitter Burn Gets a School Staffer Fired