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The First Inauguration Protest Celebrity Is a Kid Who Set Fire to a Sign ‘Because I Felt Like It and I’m Saying Screw Our President’

“Screw our president.”

Last night, protesters gathered outside of the “DeploraBall,” a celebratory event with a silly name hosted by Trump support organization MAGA3X at the National Press Club. Among the protesters was a young boy named Conner, who allegedly lit signs on fire in protest of Trump’s presidency. Given the crowds, Conner clearly wasn’t alone in his efforts, but he was alone when he gave a very, let’s say … passionate sound bite to Fox News as to why he felt the need to light something on fire.

“My name is Conner and I actually kinda started this fire. Because I felt like it, and I’m just saying … screw our president!” Come for the clips of a young redheaded protester speaking his mind, stay for the shot of the news anchor looking overwhelmed and hightailing it away from him. Welcome, Conner, to viral celebrity.

‘I Set This Fire Because I’m Saying … Screw Our President’