The Megarich Are Reportedly Preparing for the End Times

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

A growing number of ultrarich Chicken Littles in the tech and finance worlds are spending millions to prepare for the fall of civilization, The New Yorker reports. For some, that means surgery to repair their vision in case finding glasses and contacts becomes impossible as the world smolders in ruin. For others it means stocking up on food, motorcycles, and ammo, then storing it all in an overseas hideaway. New Zealand, remote as it is, has become a particularly popular spot.

For the biggest-spending Cassandras though, those who still want luxury as the rest of us battle for the last bite of tree bark, there’s nothing better than the Survival Condo Project, a well-appointed apartment complex in an underground missile silo.

Located in rural Kansas, the complex consists of 12 apartments that sold for $3 million a pop, or half that price for half a floor. But survival is worth it for those who’ve sprung for a unit. Not that survival is all they’re getting.

There’s also a medical wing, a food pantry stocked with canned goods that that will one day resemble a “miniature Whole Foods,” and “seventy-five-foot-long pool, a rock-climbing wall, an Astro-Turf ‘pet park,’ a classroom with a line of Mac desktops, a gym, a movie theatre, and a library.” There are plans to raise tilapia and grow vegetables. Sure, there are no windows. But there are high-end TVs that project a customizable view of nature.

If that sounds like a good way for you to spend the end of civilization, there’s good news and bad news. The bad is that the units in this complex have all sold. The good news is that the man behind this project is working on another complex.

The Megarich Are Reportedly Preparing for the End Times