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The Best Selfies Are the Ones in Which You Ambush the Canadian Prime Minister to Ask Him About Indigenous Rights

Trudeau looking slightly ambushed.

An early contender for the best scam/activist tactic of 2017, two students from Dalhousie University in Canada asked Justin Trudeau to take a selfie with them … and instead filmed a video asking the prime minister questions about his commitment to implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Turns out, a “selfie” is great way to force a response out of a politician. Or at least force him to jump out of your video with extreme speed. (This excellent moment is about ten seconds into the video.)

The two women, Alex Ayton and Kathleen Olds, told BuzzFeed they wanted to hold Trudeau accountable to his campaign promises regarding UNDRIP. “I specifically asked Justin about UNDRIP because I believe it is emblematic of his general lack of accountability,” Olds explained to BuzzFeed. “I wanted to see whether he would be honest and accountable to his campaign promises or try to deflect, again. I guess now we know!”

Want Justin Trudeau’s Attention? Try a Selfie Ambush