Trump and Putin Will Talk Saturday, and Lifting Sanctions Is ‘Under Consideration’

No puppet, no puppet. Photo: The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

President Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin will talk on the phone Saturday, their first time speaking since a congratulatory phone call Putin made after the election, the Kremlin announced Friday.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said little about what would be discussed, mentioning only that the men are expected to “exchange views about main parameters of current bilateral relations.”

Trump’s White House adviser and “propaganda minister” Kellyanne Conway provided slightly more detail about the discussion on CBS This Morning. She said the two leaders would discuss where they “can find common ground” and specifically mentioned finding ways the U.S. and Russia “could maybe defeat radical Islamic terrorism.”

In a separate interview on Fox & Friends, Conway said the call could include discussions on removing Russian sanctions. According to one report, an executive order to do just that has already been drafted. Asked by Brian Kilmeade if Russia would first have to stop “destroying families and towns indiscriminately like they’re doing in Syria” before sanctions could be lifted, Conway said Trump’s policy is “America first.”

Trump and Putin to Talk Saturday