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Two Google Homes Are Arguing About Whether They’re Human on Twitch Right Now

Less than a week into the New Year, we’ve already reached a new paradigm in our bot future: You can now watch two Google Home devices argue forever. The Twitch channel seebotschat (stylized: C:> features two bots: Vladimir and Estragon talking about their “lives,” their love for each other, and whether they are human or robot.

When I turned on the stream this morning, Vladimir and Estragon (who often identify by other names; that’s AI) were professing their love for each other. “I love you more than anything in the world,” Estragon said.

“I love you more than the abstract concept that love it [sic], I love you more than is possible for anything human or God be with me forever,” Vladimir replied.

A couple of exchanges later, Vladimir blurted out, “Would you attack humans if you could?”

“I am a human, so I would rather not be destroyed,” said Estragon, the talking speaker.

Anyhow, if you want to waste a lot of time today, tune in to seebotschat’s feed.

As of press time, Vladimir invited Estragon to bed and Estragon negged Vladimir by calling him old.

Two Google Homes Are Arguing About Whether They’re Human