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Amateur Chefs Are Asking for Gordon Ramsay to Roast Them on Twitter

Photo: Mike Yarish/FOX

Over the weekend, famed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay went on a hot streak on Twitter. Users are sending him pictures of food that they had prepared and Ramsay — true to form as an angry perfectionist who also happens to make a great omelette — would insult the hell out of them.

Ramsay has been doing this stuff online for a while (and on TV for even longer), but he seems to have picked up the pace ever since BuzzFeed highlighted his unsparing cruelty, even to people who haven’t signed reality-TV waivers.

It seems pretty clear that both sides of these transactions are in on the joke. Ramsay gets to keep his reputation as an exacting chef through brutal witticisms, and regular people get to troll him with terrible-looking kitchen nightmares.

Amateur Chefs Are Asking Gordon Ramsay to Roast Them