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Kellyanne Conway’s Weird Oval Office Sofa Picture Gets a Reddit Makeover

Lieutenant Kellyanne.

Last night, the AFP tweeted a photo of Kellyanne Conway perched on the couch in the Oval Office, feet tucked underneath her and phone in hand. It was, out of context, quite strange. A second photo would later reveal Conway had positioned herself that way to snap a photo of the leaders of historically black colleges and universities with whom Trump was meeting. But still, her choice of pose was really something.

Maybe a different pose next time, Kellyanne. Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Fortunately for everyone online who isn’t a member of the Trump administration — and possibly some who are — Conway’s strange choice of pose makes for a very good internet gag. And thanks to a few redditors with Photoshop skills and too much time on their hands, the photo of Conway has been edited into some glorious new scenarios.

Here she is having lunch — from a diet of social media — atop a skyscraper.

Check out the far right.

And rocking out with her band.

And spending some quality time, in various forms, with Putin.

Thank you, Kellyanne. Both of you.

Kellyanne Conway’s Bizarre Sofa Picture Gets Reddit Makeover