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Make Donald Trump Say Whatever You Want With Yet Another Generator

Donald Trump. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald Trump has certainly given programmers around the world plenty of material to work with. (The cyber, if you will.) A generator that slaps Trump’s signature on any executive order you desire. Another one that creates GIFs of Trump declaring things illegal. And now, there’s a new video-clip generator that lets you piece together clips of Trump speaking, to make him say whatever you’d like. Well, almost whatever you’d like.

The generator,, is pretty easy to use and has a word bank of several hundred words you can use to create your video. Obviously, it’s limited to words and phrases Trump has actually said, which, while an ever-growing and nutty list, still doesn’t include everything you might want. (Trump, if you’re reading this, please say the words “dank memes” soon.)

You can either scroll through the word bank to select the words you want or type them in manually. If a word isn’t available, the generator will let you know and prompt you to choose another word. Once you’re done, just click “Talk” and sit back and watch the president give your speech. The effect is similar to those dub videos where Barack Obama “sings” pop songs via cut-together clips of his former speeches. Except, instead of laughing at the leader of the free world singing “Call Me Maybe,” your phrase options include things like “build that wall” and “it’s not a ban.”

Make Donald Trump Say Whatever You Want With This Generator