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Chubby Tigers Chasing Drones: The Latest in Diet Technology

A tiger sanctuary in China’s Heilongjiang Province is using drones to help the animals lose weight. Photo: Channel 4/Twitter

The Harbin Siberian Tiger Park in China is trying something new to help slim down some of its overweight tigers: drones. This sounds like a great idea, in theory, until you actually execute it, and have a dozen or so very large Siberian tigers chasing a drone through the snow, and then batting it to the ground. The tigers gather round the drone carcass in what looks like an attempt to try to eat it, but scamper away once the downed machine begins to smoke.

One too low flight plan aside, this seems like a pretty foolproof weight-loss method, and the tigers seem to enjoy chasing the drone around the sanctuary. Now, to figure out how to replicate this with humans, launch it on Kickstarter, and make a gazillion dollars.

Update 02/23/17 5:30 p.m.: As reported by Motherboard, the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park is apparently a known slaughter farm which “specializes in contraband like tiger bone, meat, pelts, and a specialty called ‘bone wine.’”

Chubby Tigers Chasing Drones: The Latest in Diet Technology