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Good Luck Getting Laid With Your Busted Phone and Its Cracked Screen

Photo: praetorianphoto/Getty Images

According to a new survey commissioned by dating site, most single millennials think it’s okay to have sex before a first date, but it is not okay to have a damaged phone. Despite the popularity of online dating, using your phone during a date is mostly frowned upon.

From USA Today:

Prior to an actual date, 42% of singles said they judge a date by their social media posts. But three in four singles is turned off if a date answers their phone without any explanation, and more than half are turned off by texting during the date.

According to Helen Fisher, Match’s scientific adviser, “Singles don’t like people who have a cracked phone, or an old phone or those who use a clicking sound when typing.”

So: don’t use your phone, don’t leave the sound on, and don’t break your phone, and maybe you won’t be doomed to spend the rest of your life alone.

Good Luck Getting Laid With Your Busted Phone