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Use This Generator to Make Trump Sign Any Executive Order You Want

This seems right.

Donald Trump has been president for nearly two weeks now, but it seems nobody has bothered to stop and teach him about what happens when famous people hold up signs … or in his case, a never-ending string of executive orders, proclamations, and presidential memoranda. A celebrity holding up an easily edited object is like catnip for anybody with Photoshop, so each time Trump slaps his John Hancock on a document and poses with it for a photo he’s pretty much asking to become an internet gag.

Now, thanks to some coding from Isaac Hepworth, a product manager at Google, it’s easy for you to force Donald Trump — at least in photo form — to sign any executive order you’d like. Here’s how to make your own.

Step One: Head here. You’ll see the picture of Trump, with instructions on how to use the generator. This is where you’ll type your text.

Step Two: Follow the directions and do your worst: “Click me. Edit me. Make me horrifying.” Be sure to delete the pre-typed instructions so they won’t be in your finished product.

Step Three: Adjust the font size. To do this, type a single apostrophe and a < if you want to make the font smaller or a single apostrophe and a > to make it larger. Once you’ve found your optimal size, your can delete the errant apostrophes.

Step Four: Screenshot and share with your pals on your social platform of choice.

A very legitimate proclamation.
This Generator Makes Trump Sign Any Executive Order You Want