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Instagram Now Allows Album Uploads

Instagram is currently rolling out a new feature for its app starting today: the ability to upload albums containing up to ten videos or photos (or a mix of the two). The multimedia will exist in a single carousel post that users can swipe through horizontally. Each photo can be ordered manually and tweaked individually, in case you can’t decide on a filter.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s use cases include photographing a surprise party or providing recipe instructions. Or, maybe just ten selfies. Go nuts. It’s your Instagram.

Instagram has been offering this feature to advertisers for over a year, and began testing it out on Android a few weeks ago. All of this is — like every feature Instagram has revealed over the past year — an attempt to get users to post more, and in this case, reduces the anxiety users might feel for posting too many photos in a row.

To Instagram’s credit, this is the first feature they’ve introduced in a while that isn’t a complete mimic of something from Snapchat. So, congrats, I guess?

Instagram Now Allows Album Uploads