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Make Things Illegal With This Trump Executive-Order GIF Generator

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

While Donald Trump has been breaking up his bouts of intense tweeting by issuing executive orders that throw the country into chaos, the rest of us have been looking for brief respites of humor. Earlier this week, a hero coder created a tool for generating photos of Trump holding any executive order that users could imagine. Now there’s a GIF option.

On, you can type whatever it is that should be illegal into the text box, and it will magically become the law of the land. (If you’re a grammar Nazi — I’m sorry, alt-grammarian — you should know that the tool only supports singular nouns.) You’ve only got ten characters, so make it count.

For instance:

Thank you.

Donald, no!

The code is on Github if you want to poke around under the hood.

Make Things Illegal With This Trump GIF Generator