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Someone Please Show Mike Pence the Difference Between the Israeli Flag and the Nicaraguan Flag

Mike Pence giving a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Friday, Vice-President Pence gave a speech in Las Vegas for the Republican Jewish Coalition. While he was speaking, his official @VP Twitter account tweeted snippets of his speech showing Pence’s support for Israel. Well, almost … Pence’s tweets mistakenly included the Nicaraguan flag emoji instead of the Israeli flag emoji.

Since the now-deleted tweets were shared simultaneously with Pence’s speech, it’s unlikely that the VP sent them himself. Still, discerning between the two blue-and-white striped flags is going to remain important for Pence and his team as the Trump administration continues to reaffirm its loyalty to Israel. For future reference, the flag emoji are listed in alphabetical order. You have to pass the Israeli flag to get to the Nicaraguan flag.

Mike Pence Mistakes Nicaraguan Flag Emoji for Israeli Flag