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Straightforward From Here: (1) Copy This Tweet. (2) Make a Joke. (3) Reap Social-Media Validation

Earlier this morning, political commentator Sally Kohn tweeted a “straightforward” list detailing what should happen to the Trump/Pence administration following new reports of collusion with Russia during the election. The steps included impeaching both the president and vice-president and ended, somehow, with electing Hillary Clinton.

Kohn was, in case it’s not clear, probably kidding: Her “plan” is neither “straightforward” nor, uh, constitutional. But she had, nonetheless, unleashed a new force of “straightforward” memes upon the world. All you need is a list of steps, any steps, and you’re in business. A very straightforward and logical business.

Straightforward from here: this meme runs its course and joins Dat Boi in death.

Straightforward From Here: A New Meme