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Teen Called Out for Smoking Cigar Wants You to Know It Was a Taquito

Sarah Holder is a high-school student from Kansas with, apparently, some very nosy neighbors. On Sunday, Holder was out driving when her neighbor Amy’s husband, Randy, spotted her and thought he saw her smoking “a cigar of some sort.” Amy proceeded to text Sarah, who babysits for Amy and Randy’s kids, BuzzFeed reports, chastising her for smoking where kids on their street might see. Except Sarah says she wasn’t smoking. Instead, she claims she was eating a taquito, which she explained to Amy in a text she later tweeted to the tune of 56,000 retweets.

Amy, mind your own business. Sarah, please be careful eating and driving. You wouldn’t want those impressionable neighbor children to get any bad ideas.

Teen Called Out for Smoking Cigar: It Was a Taquito