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If You See Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey on eBay, He’d Like It Back Please

Tom Brady. Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

During halftime of last night’s Super Bowl, a photo was taken of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sitting on the sidelines, head hung low, looking, well, sad. A meme — Sad Tom Brady — was born, but it wouldn’t last long as the Patriots came from behind to win the game. Except now, Brady is, in fact, sad once again. This time because somebody swiped his jersey from his locker after the game.

In a postgame interview, Brady noticed his jersey wasn’t where he left it and seemed visibly down about losing his shirt. “It’s going to be on eBay at some point,” Brady said.

Here’s hoping the person who stole the jersey enjoys its game-winning musk, since it’s unlikely they’ll ever be able to sell it online without arousing suspicion. As for Tom, he says he’s pretty content with his new Super Bowl ring, so we think he’ll be okay. If he’s not, he can always check in on his missing jersey’s newly launched Twitter account.

Tom Brady Would Like You to Return His Super Bowl Jersey