Report: The President Has Kicked His Habit of Live-Tweeting Morning Joe

Morning woe.

Few things in life bring Donald Trump more joy than live-tweeting cable news. Other billionaires may travel, kite-surf, or drive race cars to get their kicks; all Trump needs is his Android and a cable subscription. And the mogul’s eccentric pastime has served him well — you can’t kite-surf your way to the Oval Office, but you can, apparently, tweet your way there.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

During his first month in the White House, Trump continued to pursue his passion, waking up to MSNBC’s Morning Joe every day, and sharing his impressions of the program with the good people of When Joe Scarborough suggested that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon might be “calling the shots” in the Trump administration earlier this month, the president offered a prompt reply.

But in the weeks since, Trump has begun to appreciate the enormous complexity of his new job. He realized that health care is actually complicated — and judicial review is a thing that exists. And so, the president decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. Per the Associated Press:

The White House looked to be finding its footing for a stretch last week …One of the most notable changes was made by the president himself, who scaled back his use of Twitter for a few days, particularly in the pre-dawn hours … One aide said the reduction in Trump’s early morning tweets was a result of his ending his habit of watching “Morning Joe,” the MSNBC show hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, longtime friends of the president who have been critical of some of his early moves.

Trump is putting America first. (And less critical morning-cable-news programming second.)

Trump Has Kicked His Habit of Live-Tweeting Morning Joe