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Vegan YouTube Drama Erupts (Again!) Over N-Word Video

Tana Mongeau. Photo: From source

Tana Mongeau — a YouTuber you’ve probably never heard of unless you traffic in the world of vegan social media — is no stranger to the classic internet cultural form of Vegan YouTube Drama. Last year, she engaged in an extensive and complicated feud with “Freelee the Banana Girl” that sadly fizzled out after a week of baffled blog posts. This year, Mongeau is feuding with another YouTuber, iDubbbz, who called out Mongeau for using the word “n- - - - -,” a call-out accomplished by attending a meet-and-greet with her at the end of January and shouting “say n- - - - -!” as the two posed for a photo. He later posted a video of the interaction on YouTube, where it has been viewed over 2 million times.

The beef between the two social stars, first noted by the Daily Dot, actually began before the video itself, when Mongeau called out iDubbbz on Twitter. “So 3 million ppl subscribe to u and u openly say the n-word and retard???? Kill yourself,” Mongeau wrote in a now-deleted tweet referencing a 2015 video in which iDubbbz used offensive language. iDubbbz, not to be outdone, fired back this week with a compilation video of clips of Mongeau also using offensive language, both in videos and tweets, “I’m [on my way] to my pet n- - - - -’s house.” (What’s that they say? A pox on both your YouTube channels?)

Mongeau has since tweeted a non-apology to her followers in which she promised an “APOLOGY” would be “coming soon” and that she intends “on owning up to everything.” She has yet to apologize or do any of the aforementioned owning up.

And thus concludes, for now, a truly bizarre internet beef in which two racist and offensive YouTubers attempt to prove which one of them is the least racist and offensive.

YouTuber Shames Other YouTuber for N-Word, Also Uses N-Word