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Robot Lighting Trump’s Tweets on Fire Will Make You Ask Yourself Why You Didn’t Think to Bust Out a Lighter and Do This Sooner

President Trump. You have been burned. Or, well, some of your tweets have. Photo: @BurnedYourTweet/

Twitter, thanks in no small part to Donald Trump’s, um, interesting tweets, is a bit of a dumpster fire. Now, some unknown engineer/internet hero has devised a robot that is taking said designation very literally. On Tuesday, a new account named, aptly, @BurnedYourTweet began tweeting videos of a small robot that prints out President Trump’s tweets like receipts and then lights them on fire in one, smooth move. It is a thing of technological beauty.

As of now, it’s unknown who created @BurnedYourTweet. The account sent its first flaming missive on Tuesday morning, followed by just ten more over the course of the day. Still, more than 4,000 people have already followed the account. (Worth noting, among the 49 accounts currently followed by @BurnedYourTweet, several belong to creative and advertising agencies and agency employees, so it’s possible the robot is a publicity stunt. Select All has reached out to @BurnedYourTweet and will update this post if we hear back.)

Who knew this would be such a good week for highly lovable robots.

This Robot Prints Trump’s Tweets and Lights Them on Fire