Check Out This Congressman Telling a Constituent to ‘Shut Up’

Texas Republican Joe Barton has been in Congress for more than three decades, which should be long enough to know that telling a constituent to “shut up” at a town hall meeting is a bad idea. And yet, that’s just what he did last weekend after an attendee at a town hall in Frost, Texas, asked about Barton’s vote against a bill concerning violence against women.

Barton explained that he voted against the measure because he believes the issue is for the states to handle. Then he was interrupted by a member of the audience who shouted, “It’s violence against women, that’s a national issue. That is an issue that impacts everyone everywhere, not only in this country but everywhere.”

That’s when Barton wagged his finger at the man and said, “You. You, sir, shut up.”

His request was not honored.

Check Out This Congressman Telling Constituent to ‘Shut Up’