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We Salute This Man’s Tireless Quest to Roast the Hell Out of Idiots on Twitter During International Women’s Day

Photo: Herring1967/Twitter

Today is International Women’s Day. Our sister site the Cut is going dark for the day; there are marches and protests planned across the globe; and thousands of women are going on strike to show what the global workforce would look like on “A Day Without a Woman.”

This means, of course, thousands of shitbags are taking to the internet to ask, “Well … what about International Men’s Day?” It’s the equivalent of the idiots who ask every February, “Why isn’t there a White History Month?”

But unlike White History Month, there actually is an official International Men’s Day. It’s on November 19, and I guess men can use it to march for the reform of misandrist family courts; spreading the gospel of the red pill; advocating for the rights of the incel; or whatever else you’re supposed to do on International Men’s Day.

Luckily, there’s British comedian Richard K. Herring, who is taking to Twitter to respond to the hundreds of male snowflakes who are very hurt that they may not have their own special international day, and is letting them know that they do indeed have a day dedicated just to them.

This, of course, could be handled by a Twitter bot — but there’s something to Herring’s personalized responses that really makes the whole thing sing.

Of course, there’s the issue of why International Men’s Day isn’t a better-known phenomenon (besides being, of course, a tremendously stupid idea). Luckily, Herring has an answer for that, too.

Enjoy This Guy Roasting Dudes on International Women’s Day