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Don’t Fall for This 911 Siri Prank

Don’t fall for this Siri trick. Photo: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

Despite what you may have seen online, if you say “108” to Siri, she won’t give you a funny response. She won’t tell you a joke. And she definitely won’t start a three-way FaceTime call.

Instead, saying, “Hey, Siri, 108,” prompts your iPhone to dial emergency services. You’ll have approximately five seconds to cancel the 911 call before it goes through. (I know writing about this is like telling you not to push the big red button, while also handing you a big red button. But trust us. Take a pass on this one.)

The number 108 is to India what 911 is to the United States, Mic reports. Unfortunately for anybody manning an emergency hotline, saying 108 still works in the States. (This was tested by a police department in Texas. I didn’t clog up a 911 line just to prove a point.)

Maybe just ask Siri to tell you the meaning of life instead.

Don’t Fall for This 911 Siri Prank