Iceland Will Become the First Country in the World to Make Employers Prove They’re Offering Equal Pay

A gender-pay-gap protester in Iceland. Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/sharpseth

Iceland, which took its first Women’s Day Off in 1975, is making history again. The country will be the first in the world to mandate that employers prove they are are offering equal pay to all workers. The move comes as women across America are striking on International Women’s Day.

Under the law, to be introduced in parliament this month, public or private employers who have a staff of 25 or more have to show proof that all are getting the same wages for equal contributions, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or nationality. Parliament is expected to approve the legislation, which would go into effect in 2020, says the Associated Press.

In October — on the anniversary of its first Women’s Day Off — Icelandic women left work early to protest the gender-pay gap. So maybe these things do work.

Iceland to Make Employers Prove They’re Offering Equal Pay