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This Unsatisfying Video Is 5 Minutes and 50 Seconds of Perfect Torture

So close.

Oddly satisfying videos — paint being mixed, 96 million shade balls rolling into a California reservoir — come from a very good corner of the internet. Today’s viral hit, however, did not come from that corner. No, this nearly-six-minute video came from a special corner of internet hell designed to make you hunch your shoulders and cringe wildly. Presenting: “The Most Unsatisfying Video in the World Ever Made.” Poorly sliced tomatoes, mixing M&Ms with Skittles, cutting a perfect paper star only to lop off the final point. This video is painful to watch from start to finish.

If you made it through that whole thing and thought, hey that was great, I want more, you might try this animated video featuring a similar number of fails from 2016. If you made it through that whole thing (or couldn’t make it through that whole thing) and thought, hey that was awful, I want to vom, watch this perfect video instead and soothe your troubled mind.

This Unsatisfying Video Is 6 Minutes of Perfect Torture