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Obamacare Versus Obamacare’s Replacement Helps Clarify Complicated Health-Care Issues With Memes

Left: Obamacare. Right: The GOP’s Obamacare replacement. Photo: morninggloria/Twitter

Yesterday, congressional Republicans finally revealed their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. Key tenets of the American Health Care Act include potentially discouraging healthy people from getting insurance, in order to keep costs down; blocking federal funding for Planned Parenthood (via Medicaid) for a year; restricting abortion; and allowing insurance companies to charge older Americans up to five times more (currently this figure is capped at 3 times) than younger Americans. The proposed plan still has to get through the Senate and the House — a process, even if successful, that will likely take months — but if Twitter’s responses are any indication, the AHCA is going to be a tough sell. (Of course, if Twitter’s responses to anything were any indication, Kanye West would be god-emperor.)

After the GOP announced the bill to the rest of the nation — previously, only Republicans were allowed to see it — Twitter users turned the comparison between the proposed plan and Obamacare into a meme. Just pair two photos of the same person, place, or thing, but make sure the one on the right (the GOP’s replacement plan) looks significantly more haggard and less appealing than the one on the left (Obamacare).

It’s unclear whether or not memes are considered a preexisting condition under the American Health Care Act.

GOP’s Proposed Obamacare Replacement Becomes Meme