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Teens Achieve New Level of Best Friendship: Conspiracy to Commit Pettiness

Photo: jadavenson_/Twitter

Teens teach us so much. What the cool apps are. What the cool memes are. How to shatter your cell phone, but get a really cool selfie in the process. And, possibly most importantly, how to be petty. (See here: The college student who printed out and publicly posted all of her roommate’s subtweets.) This week’s lesson in pettiness comes from a young woman on Twitter named Jada, who enlisted her best friend to help make a dude jealous. While Jada posed for a mirror selfie, her friend — dressed in sneakers, loose jeans, and a hooded sweatshirt — stood in the background facing away from the camera. The effect, if you squint, makes it look like there might possibly be another man in the bedroom with Jada.

Alternatively, it looks like a still from a low-budget horror flick, in the moments just before Jada’s character’s story line comes to an untimely end. But still, these girls get points for creativity, loyalty, and definitely having too much time on their hands.

Peak Teen Friendship: Conspiracy to Commit Pettiness