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In His Most Relatable Moment Yet, President Trump Is Unable to Correct a Twitter Typo

Donald Trump. Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Following an earlier tweet featuring a shitpic of Senator Chuck Schumer eating a doughnut with Putin and calling for an investigation of Schumer’s possible ties to Russia, President Trump tweeted out another call for an investigation. This one called out Nancy Pelosi and her “close ties to Russia.” (The tweets were sent via Trump’s personal account — @RealDonaldTrump — and not the official @POTUS account.) Content aside, there was one glaring thing wrong with Trump’s tweet: It’s hard to make a proclamation if you can’t properly spell “hereby.”

In attempt one, President Trump tweeted “I hear by demand …” Several minutes later that tweet would be deleted and replaced with one reading, “I hearby demand …” Closer, but still not quite right.

The third time around, Trump got it right.

Trump’s mistakes conclude a weirdly big week for internet typos. On Thursday, Sean Spicer accidentally declared Trump, instead of Ben Carson, the new secretary of Housing and Urban Development. And then there was the one over at Amazon that derailed a large section of the internet for an entire afternoon. By comparison, Trump’s struggles with “hereby” aren’t actually so bad.

In Relatable Moment, Trump Takes 3 Tries to Tweet One Word