Oops! Congressman ‘Misspoke’ When He Said House Intel Chair ‘Works for’ Trump

Florida representative Ted Yoho went on MSNBC this morning to defend fellow Republican and House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes against charges that he’s playing footsie with President Trump instead of investigating him. He did that, but Yoho also stirred up a minor controversy for himself.

In what seemed like a moment of unintentional candor, Yoho said Nunes “works for” and “answers to” President Trump. MSNBC’s Craig Melvin shot back, “Does he? Or does he work for constituents?”

“Well, you do both,” Yoho said, seemingly not realizing that he was saying something that he’d have to retract only hours later.

“He knows that every member is here because of the people that voted them into office,” Brian Kaveney, Yoho’s communications director, said in a statement later in the day. “Members work for their constituents, whether they are rank and file or if they have the honor of serving as a committee chairman.”

Rep. Says House Intel Chair ‘Works for’ Trump, Walks It Back