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See Roger Stone Roasted to Tenderness in 80-Tweet Series of Impeccable Burns

Photo: stoneonstyle/Twitter

Back in January, Trump adviser and longtime Nixon ghoul Roger Stone Jr. attended the presidential inauguration, rocking a look that involved a gray suit, an overcoat, a top hat, and a pair of round-frame sunglasses that look a little like they could double as the novelty 3-D glasses you got if you saw Harry Potter in IMAX. It was, as they say, a lewk. So much of a lewk, in fact, that months later, he’s still getting burned on Twitter.

The best Stone owns — which have subsequently gone viral, thrusting Stone’s sartorial choices back into the, um, news — come from Twitter user @spookperson, who has an entire thread of 80-something tweets devoted to taking down his #dandy look. Who doesn’t love a well-placed industrial revolution joke?

Plenty of other people have also chimed in on the thread, not that anyone can top it. But Stone’s outfit is so burnable, it could power an entire factory for years, even without child labor.

This Twitter Roast of Roger Stone Is a Literary Masterpiece