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Twitter Hero Returns to Lightly Roast Roger Stone’s Sartorial Choices

Roger Stone with yet another lewk. Photo: spookperson/Twitter

Last week, Twitter user @Spookperson’s 80-plus tweet thread shredding Trump adviser Roger Stone’s inauguration ensemble was the only thing worth reading online. That hat! Those glasses! (If you didn’t see it, stop for a hot second, and go enjoy all its obscure-yet-perfect reference glory.) Today, Stone spoke on Infowars about the ongoing Comey hearings, stepping up to the mic in yet another, let’s say, interesting look. That hat! Those glasses! And yet again, @Spookperson has come through with some very good burns. (They note they’re not going “all in” with this particular diss thread, but here’s hoping they’ll change their mind if we keep faving these tweets.)

Plenty of other people on Twitter also noticed Stone’s latest look, too. Though @Spookperson’s insults still reign supreme in this blog’s opinion.

Can’t wait to see what Stone will wear next.

Twitter Hero Returns to Lightly Roast Roger Stone’s Outfit