Secret Service Laptop With Trump Tower Info Stolen From Car in Brooklyn

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A Secret Service agent apparently forgot the general rule of never leaving anything in a parked car, and had her backpack stolen from her vehicle in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, Thursday morning. It contained an agency-issued laptop with “highly sensitive” information, a police source told the New York Daily News. The laptop is encrypted, but reportedly contained some serious national-security information, including floor and evacuation plans for Trump Tower. It also weirdly contained some “important files” on Pope Francis, and, ironically, some details about the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Some sensitive documents were also stolen, reports CBS, along with the agent’s lapel pins that gave her access to details for the United Nations, Donald Trump, Clinton, and the pope, says CNN.

Surveillance video from the street reportedly shows a white male wearing dark clothes exiting from the passenger side of a vehicle near the victim’s house, where the car was parked in the driveway.

The laptop and other sensitive documents are still missing, though the backpack, which had some coins and personal items in it, has been recovered. Different surveillance footage later shows the alleged burglar tossing the bag in a mound of snow near the intersection of Cropsey Avenue and Bay 10th Street in Brooklyn, reports CBS.

The Secret Service confirmed the laptop theft in a statement, saying the agent was a “victim of a criminal act.” The statement also explained that the laptop was “not permitted to contain classified information.”

The NYPD is currently helping the Secret Service track down the device, though, if this is just a regular old burglary, it’s only a matter of time before that laptop ends up on Craigslist.

Secret Service Laptop With Trump Tower Info Stolen From Car