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New York Commuters Get Poleaxed With Snow by Amtrak Train

Wait for it … Wait for it …

Some days, you plow the snow. Some days, the snow plows you.

Commuters waiting at the Amtrak train station in Rhinecliff, New York, found out the hard way how Amtrak clears heavy snow off the tracks after a storm: It simply runs a train full blast through a station.

As you can see from the (very impressive slo-mo!) photography, commuters were expecting the train to kick up some snow. But they perhaps didn’t realize quite how much was gonna get tossed at them?

The rough thought process of people filming the train’s approach seems to be: “This is gonna look so good on Instagr — OH, FUCK!”

Per CBS 9, several people were knocked to the ground, and one sustained a minor head injury. In happier news, this Amtrak snow video has now supplanted this video as the “best snow-plowing-accident video of all time.”


Some Days You Plow the Snow, Some Days the Snow Plows You