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Starbucks’s Spring Cups Inadvertently Celebrate Twitter’s Most Deranged

Starbucks’s new cups look like Twitter eggs. Photo: Joshua Trujillo/Starbucks

In a new move for the company, Starbucks released a line of limited-run spring cups. (Usually, the company sticks to taking the Christ out of Christmas with their infamous red holiday cups in November and December.) The cups are color-coded by size, from a tall green to a venti yellow. Grande cups are blue. The Starbucks logo is nowhere to be found, instead replaced by a white circle. At first glance, the brightly colored cups look like they might be Easter eggs. They’re not — that’s a circle, not an egg shape. Still, these white circles on vibrantly colored backgrounds resemble a certain kind of undecorated egg: the Twitter variety. The faceless avatar for Twitter users who haven’t bothered to upload a profile image — usually because they’re trolling or harassing you, or just using the account to complain directly to American Airlines about their lost luggage.

Last week, Twitter announced a new tool that will let users mute any account with an egg avatar. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely this will be helpful with shielding your eyes from the new cups.

Starbucks Spring Cups Inadvertently Celebrate Twitter Trolls