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These Tweets Roasting Student Athletes Are [Insert 100 Emoji]

Never, ever, ever give up. Photo: Hero Images Inc./Getty Images/Hero Images

Were you a student athlete? Did you know any student athletes? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you likely understand the strangely intense spirit of competition and loyalty, and smell of deodorant, that accompanies student athletes. They grind. They fight. They beat on like ceaseless boats against the current. And, they make sure to tell you about all their grinding, fighting, and beating, via bumper stickers, Twitter bios, and AIM away messages. (Okay, maybe not that last one anymore.) Inspired by these paragons of teamwork and braggadocio, a new and very good Twitter meme was born.

The structure of these memes is pretty simple. Step one: Post a question or state a phrase as a normal, non-Varsity-jacket-wearing person might. Step two: Respond in a string of clichés, Instagram-caption-worthy phrases stolen from a fitspo Pinterest board, and add a handful of emoji.

For example:

Me: I’m sore.

Student Athlete: Pain is just weakness leaving the body 💯💯 Nobody said this would be easy 💪 Stay grinding💪 I have been warned multiple times about my concussion, but I keep playing anyway because SPORTS

Pain is temporary. Memes are forever.

Tweets Roasting Student Athletes Are [Insert 100 Emoji]