The Trump Organization Wants to Open a Second D.C. Hotel

A new Trump hotel means a new place to protest. Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

In an apparent bid to provide ass-kissing special-interest groups, businesses, and foreign governments another opportunity to grease the palms of the president’s family, the Trump Organization is reportedly in the market for a second Washington, D.C., hotel.

Unlike the Trump International Hotel, a luxury property that the Trump Organization owns, the proposed addition to the family’s portfolio would be a more accessible boutique hotel owned by another developer. The owner would pay the Trump Organization a fee to manage the hotel and a licensing fee for its name, which would not include the word Trump.

“They’re trying hard to do Scion in this market,” a developer told the Washington Post, referring to the Trump Organization’s less-stuffy sub-brand that caters to those who want to line the pockets of a kleptocrat but don’t have the means to blow $800 a night.

Leaving the Trump name out of the branding of the new hotel is a shrewd move. Trump’s fans will know who owns it, even under the Scion name, and they’ll have another way to spend money in a way that benefits the Trump family. But for those who despise the Trumps, it’ll be less obvious who’s running the hotel. Turns out, that’s the reason the Scion brand exists.

The Trump Organization Wants to Open a Second D.C. Hotel