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This Is the Future That Liberals Want

As hyperpartisanship continues to divide this great nation, continual protests against the current Trump administration have given rise to one question, “what do liberals actually want?” Ever since the Occupy movement, casting liberal grievance as unfocused and misguided has been a stable tactic of the right. How, it goes, can we give liberals what they want if they don’t even know?

And even when those wishes are clearly articulated, they’re used to scare people into opposition. Shortly before the election, former congressman Joe Walsh warned that, “If you want a country with 63 different genders, vote Hillary.” This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke of the uncertain effects of “marijuana being sold at every corner grocery store.” Either of these possibilities — a country with 63 genders and marijuana for sale at Publix — would likely elicit a robust “hell yeah” from left-leaning citizens. Both of them together would be liberal heaven.

Yesterday, the alt-right /pol/ News Network, which takes its name from the 4chan message board, identified another liberal demand.

Yes, ghastly liberals would love to see two people with different conceptions of “the good” existing side-by-side on well-funded public transit.

What else do liberals want? Liberals have offered up some ideas.


This Is the Future That Liberals Want