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Rogue Uber Drives Straight Into a Gas Pump and Bursts Into Flames

On Monday, an Uber driver in Seattle crashed into a local gas station, triggering a massive fireball. The incident was captured via the gas station’s security cameras. Prior to coming to a flaming stop at the Shell Station, the 60-year-old driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and hit another driver, 35, who sustained severe injuries, according to KOMO News.

The Uber passenger fortunately sustained only minor injuries in the accident. The driver was unharmed, but sent to the hospital for a blood test following the crash. Those results have not been released. An Uber spokesperson told KOMO News the company is working with the Seattle police and the driver has been removed from the app. Here’s hoping they also refunded the rider.

Rogue Uber Drives Into Gas Pump and Bursts Into Flames