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Security Footage Proves That This Guy Got Absolutely Wrecked by a Deer

Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

On April Fools’ Day, 25-year-old Cary McCook was hit by a deer. You read correctly. He was hit by a deer, not the other way around. McCook had just exited his truck in a hotel parking lot in British Columbia when the deer came for him. “I heard three gallops and I turned to my left and before I could make out what it was, I see a deer coming towards me and it hits me and I’m on the ground,” McCook told the Revelstoke Review.

McCook also said he had a hard time getting people to believe him — including his own mother — before getting hold of the security footage. Now that it’s been confirmed, perhaps he should consider reaching out to Justin DeLuzio, the cross-country runner who was taken out by a deer mid-race last fall. Seems like the two men would have a lot to chat about.

Security Footage Proves Guy Got Absolutely Wrecked by a Deer