The de Blasio–Cuomo Beef Is No Meek Mill–Drake Feud, Says Mayor

Photo: Thos Robinson/Getty Images; Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have had their differences in the past about everything from homelessness to the fate of a lovelorn deer. During an interview with the mayor on Hot 97 Tuesday morning, host Ebro Darden drew a comparison between the Cuomo–de Blasio conflict and another infamous feud, this one between rappers Meek Mill and Drake. (The two have battled each other publicly since Meek Mill accused Drake of having a ghostwriter.) “I would say that you and Governor Cuomo’s relationship is somewhat like Meek Mill and Drake,” he said, “You guys are a bit of nemesis, according to what we see in the press. Is that true?”

De Blasio responded that it’s his job to defend the people of New York and the city’s interests. “I’ve said when the governor does something that helps us. I’ll say, ‘Hey, man.’ I’ll support him. I’ll praise,” the mayor explained. “When he does something that hurts us. I’ll call it out.”

De Blasio added, “I’m not sure I would compare it to a beef between rappers. I think it’s a little more complex.”

“I think some drama gets added into it,” de Blasio concluded. “I don’t think it’s particularly dramatic. It’s like, do something good for New York City, and I can be very friendly.”

Here’s the full interview, where the mayor mostly talks about real issues, such as the proposed plan for Rikers:

But in the spirit of all good beefs, even complex ones, a spokesperson for Governor Cuomo delivered this response to the Daily News: “The governor represents the people of New York City, too. When the mayor does something good for those constituents, we applaud him and when he doesn’t, we step in.”


De Blasio–Cuomo Beef Is No Meek Mill–Drake Feud, Says Mayor